The Week In Kpop 15/03/20

Let’s take a look at some notable new kpop from this week!

Most of the world news over the past week has been overwhelming, but at least we still have kpop to take our minds off things.

Victon – Howling

Another week, another underwhelming dark boy group song. It’s nice to see Victon back as a whole group after all the X1 drama, and I do hope this song is successful for them, but there’s not much about it that excites me. The chorus is decent, particularly the more rapid-fire lines towards the end, but this song never really rises above “ok”.

Itzy – Wannabe

A lot of girl groups have been imitating Itzy’s sound recently, but no one does this style better than the genuine article. From the bassline that underpins the verses, to the bratty attitude, to the bright and catchy chorus, a lot of this song is very reminiscent of Dalla Dalla, but in a way that still feels fresh and exciting. I particularly love the guitar that comes in during the second part of the chorus, rock elements suit Itzy surprisingly well!

Favorite – Lie

This is Favorite’s first single in over a year, and the fact that it was produced by my current favorite kpop producers Ollounder and LEEZ definitely had me intrigued. Unfortunately,this lacks the unique personality and punch of most of their other work, resulting in a piece of Latin-infused kpop that isn’t particularly memorable, despite being well-produced and pleasant.

Dongkiz – Lupin

This underrated rookie boy group can always be relied upon to deliver something funky and refreshing, and while Lupin isn’t quite as upbeat as their other songs, it’s still a fun time. The groovy guitar line in the verses is great, and the chorus is catchy, if not particularly interesting. I do find the weird slowdown and staccato in the prechorus to be downright bizarre, though.

AB6IX – Color Eye (Woojin Solo)

For the final entry in AB6IX’s 5NALLY seres, we get this murky trap banger from Woojin. I enjoy the spooky keys that underpin a lot of the song, the electric guitar that comes in towards the end, and Woojin’s rapping. I maybe could have done without the autotune on the chorus, but this is still a solid vibe.

Best of the week: It’z Itzy.

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