The Week In Kpop 01/03/20

Let’s take a look at some notable new kpop from this week!

You know it was a quiet week when I’m using some absolute nugus as the feature image

Spectrum – Showtime

This is a song that I really feel should be better than it is. The elements are there – the verses are solid, it’s dynamic, there’s a nice groove to it all, good dance break – but somehow it just never really comes together. Decent, but nothing amazing.

Ravi – Rockstar (Feat. Paloalto)

I generally think of Ravi’s solo stuff as being Not For Me, but this really isn’t too bad, with a decent flow and danceable beat. I don’t really like the vocal processing during the chorus, but I do like that weird scream sound effect and Paloalto’s feature is good; he probably outshines Ravi. Fun track.

Elris – Jackpot

It’s been a very long time since Elris has had a proper comeback, but they’ve finally returned with two new members in tow. Unfortunately, this is a below average entry into the quirky, shout-rap heavy girl group song annals. The demented bassline adds some interest, but I can’t say I’ll be coming back to this much.

AB6IX – Rose, Scent, Kiss (Daehwi Solo)

I skipped writing about Donghyun’s solo track last week because I literally had nothing to say about it, but word on the street from people who listened to the 5NALLY EP was that Daehwi’s track was the standout, so I was looking forward to this. And… yeah, this rules. A fantastic dance pop song reminiscent of Taemin’s solo material, with a charismatic, flamboyant performance from Daehwi. Great stuff.

MCND – Ice Age

I thought MCND’s predebut song Top Gang showed some potential, and this, their official debut, is even better. There’s a real sense of propulsive energy to this track – this is a fun, hard hitting hip-hop banger that actually succeeds in getting me hyped up. Keep an eye on these promising rookies.

Best of the week: A pretty barren week for kpop in comparison to the last few; AB6IX’s Daehwi delivers the standout here.

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