The Week In Kpop 16/2/20

no wasting time with an intro post – let’s get into the kpop!

 The Boyz – REVEAL

This songs exists. I feel like so many boy groups are doing this sound recently and this is a perfectly serviceable but uninspiring example of the genre. It’s fine but it just doesn’t thrill me. Giddy Up remains The Boyz’ opus as far as I’m concerned.

Rocket Punch – BOUNCY

If boy groups have been all about the dark, moody and boring recently, then the trend for girl groups has been relentlessly boisterous, overstuffed, Itzy-esque shoutfests. I think this is a pretty great example of the genre? I’m half exhausted by it and half yelling along I wanna hit the world with a rocket punch! 🚀👊

Cherry Bullet – Hands Up

Cherry Bullet have lost some momentum after a long hiatus in which they jettisoned a few members, but are back with a new sound. I find the heavy interpolation of Beethoven-oppa’s Für Elise throughout this track to be highly amusing and enjoyable, and it’s enough to lift this track above generic girl crush fare.

Pentagon – Dr. BeBe

The first time I watched this music video I was blown away, but on subsequent listens I’ve come to realise that this is only slightly above average moody boy group fare. The high levels of angst and shirtlessness in the video must have fooled me into thinking the song was better than it is. It’s still pretty good, although the title always makes me think of Moira Rose.


Some people are biased towards boy groups, others are biased towards girl groups – I myself am biased towards coed groups, you just can’t tell because there’s only 1.5 of them in existence (K-Tigers are so nugu that they only count as half a group).

This song mixes elements of Kard’s usual tropical sound with elements of the hard hitting banger style they dabbled in last year, and it works for me – that first “switch it up” into the heavy second half of the chorus made my jaw drop. This is a silly song, but I love it because it’s Kard. In conclusion, Kard hot.

AB6IX – Moondance (Woong Solo)

The first video released in Ab6ix’s 5nally series, in which each member gets the chance to shine with an individual song and music video. I appreciate the individual focus, though I do wish this series was attached to an actual title track, and I also wish that “5nally” didn’t look so perilously close to “anally”.

This one is Woong’s solo, and while I don’t think the song is particularly memorable, the song is also not really the focus here. The song is just background noise while Woong grinds on the floor in an attempt to cause as many fangirl casualties as possible. A commendable effort in that department!

Moonbyul – Eclipse

Moonbyul really said fuck it I’m gonna release a dark boy group song and it’s gonna be way better than what most boy groups have been releasing lately. I think the novelty of a woman doing a song like this definitely contributes to how much I like it, but it also just slaps. I think it could probably do with a second verse, but I love the use of elements like rock guitar and metal-esque background vocals.

How about we get more women doing stuff like this and more men doing teen crush Itzy style stuff? It’s equality.

Best of the week: A lot of pretty good stuff this week with no truly obvious standout, but I think I’m gonna give this to Moonbyul.

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